So just after two months returning home from the Everglades, I have gone from the very south (yes I know, Hawaii is further south) to the far north to Alaska this May! I love this Country!


From slough slogging in the Everglades to mountain hiking in the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska.

So many of you had asked how the rest of my Everglades trip was….. OUTSTANDING!!! It was an amazing experience, but to be honest I believe I have only just scratched the surface to exploring this land. But I had a great time, met some amazing people; from the staff, to the researchers, to the volunteers and other visitors… and in the end, I think I made some fantastic images. I really look forward to going back… there are only a few places I love to visit over and over again, and the Everglades is most definitely one of them!

Though I normally don’t photograph Sunrises or Sunsets … I couldn’t resist!

Please visit the gallery, “Portraits of the Glades” to see my favorites!


To the KENAI PENINSULA of ALASKA I went with the sole purpose to explore and photograph. I traveled with fellow photographer Dawn Benko,…. we did a lot of hiking and one day out on the water for me. What is very cool is how two photographers trekking together can see things so differently…. even photographing the same subject had different results.

So the weather was a mixture of sun and clouds throughout our trip and since Alaska had a very hard and late winter, spring really hadn’t started on most of the Peninsula. But then I love cloudy weather.  Since I normally don’t shoot majestic landscapes… intimate portraits of my subjects within their environment is more my style… this was a bit of a challenge for me. But I think I had some success… but I guess that is for all of you to decide. Enjoy!!

To see the my full selection of 50 images, visit the gallery, ”
*(You will see more and more my attraction to abstractions, sharp contrasts and very graphical images … but of course a few cute creatures are included as well.)

A few from  the Peaks Series… became a study of the clouds and how they move across the mountains.

A few abstractions…

Low tide at Anchor Point.

Trees along Lower Ohmer Lake, Skilak Wildlife Recreation Area.

Holgate Glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park.

A steep waterfall cascading down a mountain on the Holgate Arm, Kenai Fjords National Park.

A few landscapes…

Resurrection Bay

Skilak Lake

Potter Marsh

A few Eagles…

A few other creatures…

Humpback whale breeching.

Steller Sea Lions that just blend in… love to know how they get up there?

Smiling right on cue…. I think this Sea Otter was getting paid to do that.

And a few final shots…

Abandoned boat along the Homer Spit.

Along the beach in Seward.

In Memory of My Mom.
This was found along the Homer Spit… and I could just imagine her sitting in her wheelchair just taking in the amazing view…
she would of loved this place.