Vermont Studio Center — Artist in Residence


That is pretty much how I would describe the four weeks of my artist residency at the Vermont Studio Center during the month of November. And that is a great thing! It would be hard for me to describe the amazing energy that is felt when you are surrounded by 50 other artists; very talented painters, sculptors, performers, writers, poets…. where ages ranged from the mid 20’s through the 60’s, with individuals from around the country, (several from around the world) and with such diverse backgrounds. I was technically the only photographer there, so that either made me very special or the crazy lone wolf. (Probably the latter.) And another great part of this residency was the only schedule one had was the mealtimes. Oh, and by the way, we were fed very well.

My approach on how I worked was quite different during this residency. Instead of exploring through hiking and kayaking (too cold as it was November), I traveled around northern Vermont by car, exploring the many back roads, which by the way are not paved. Hunting season was in full swing at this time, and though I had my bright orange hat to wear, I didn’t feel like risking my life. (Snakes and alligators in the Everglades, I can handle.) The land in northern Vermont is absolutely beautiful… surrounded by mountains and farmland, dotted by little villages. It snowed in the high mountains the first week I was there, but it never reached the lower plains. But to my surprise the colors in November were still wonderful. I ended up photographing some of the similar subject matter that I do enjoy capturing, but I began experimenting more with long exposures which I was excited about. I was trying to capture a more surreal and ethereal feel to my images. The best weather to really be shooting were overcast days or partial sun with clouds… and wind. It became a running joke that I would be upset when it was bright and sunny outside. (A good day to work in the studio… or go antique shopping!)

I have enclosed some of my favorite images from my journey. Enjoy!

Portrait in my studio. (I should mention I loved having a studio!!!!)

Wolfgang Kahn Studio — My studio was the 5th & 6th top floor windows from the far left… known as the Barn.

Long Exposure Work!

Sun setting. Lake Eden, Eden, VT.

Sand Bar State Park, Lake Champlain

Sand Bar State Park, Lake Champlain

Sand Bar State Park, Lake Champlain

Sand Bar State Park, Lake Champlain

South Hero Marsh WMA, Lake Champlain

Alburg Dune State Park, Lake Champlain

Passing Storm, Johnson, VT.

Lake Carmi, Franklin, VT.

Patterns, textures, layers…. graphical work!

Smugglers Notch. I was informed later that rattle snakes like caverns to stay warm in the winter… glad I didn’t know that when I went in.

Ice forming on pond.

Lamoille River, Johnson, VT.

Smugglers Notch

Lapland Road, Waterville, VT.

Lapland Road, Waterville, VT.

Hogback Road, Johnson, VT.

Loved the gradient patterns created here.

Same hill, as the clouds moved through creating different patterns.

Additions to my “What Remains” collection! Unfortunately there were many abandoned homes along my journeys.

Notice the birds nest on the door.

Outgoing Mail.

Milk Shed.

First Snowfall of the year in the high mountain peaks… Smugglers Notch.

6 thoughts on “Vermont Studio Center — Artist in Residence

  1. Beautiful images! Your photography is incredible! It’s easy to see how talented you are…and you capture things that many photographers don’t capture, the mood. Your work puts me there immediately! Keep up the great energy.

  2. Danielle, so glad to see that you are still ‘at it’. These images are even better than the ones from the Everglades. You are (deservedly) a very fortunate woman to have these special opportunities. Looks like you’re making the most of them. Your work is inspiring … keep the images coming!

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