Artist-in-Residence, Acadia National Park — Part 1

Greetings from Acadia!

I have now been here 2 weeks of my 4 week stay…. got a late start due to the government shut down… but was thrilled I was able to make it. (Also, there was a small interruption last week to fly back to NYC for the Canon Project Imaginat10n Film Festival Premier).

To let you all know where I am located…. I am all the way over on Schoodic Peninsula staying at the Schoodic Education and Research Center (a former Naval Base)… 50 miles from Bar Harbor on Mt. Dessert Island… a bit of drive. So I am on a 12-mile loop road, one way… it gets dark, and I mean really, really dark here… no cell phone reception… and the closest Starbuck’s is an hour and half away. And I actually have no problems with any this… it’ great out here!


So photographing at Acadia has become quite the mathematical equation. First, find your subject…. Second, choose lighting for subject – morning, afternoon, overcast…. Third, low tide or high tide (which can be a serious issue since the tide here is about on average a 10ft difference… give or take a few feet) and then you have to factor in the wind. So, you figure that all out and good luck!

Since my time in the Everglades I have really begun working with long exposures… but that doesn’t mean I still don’t like to photograph my trees, details, and abstracts… the granite here is amazing!

It’s all about form, pattern, texture, and light. Enjoy!


Shortly after I arrived here…
Egg Rock Light House in Frenchman Bay between Schoodic Peninsula and Mt. Dessert.


Late afternoon along Schoodic Point.


Sand Beach, Acadia (really, it’s called Sand Beach).
Tide was going out and leaving these amazing streams of water flowing to the ocean.


Late afternoon along Eagle Lake.


Jesup Path at Sieur de Monts Spring.


Frenchman Bay from Schoodic Peninsula. Not mist… waves.


Playing with long exposures of high waves crashing along the rocks… interesting effect.


Schoodic Point.


Love that pink granite.


Little Hunters Beach. Haven’t decided on whether to keep this color or go black and white? Not mist… waves.


Little Hunters Breach. Almost looks like an aerial view of mountains.


Tide coming in at Seal Harbor.
I had never witnessed literally a tide coming in… while standing there, a sudden surge occurred and the
water raised 2 inches in seconds and covered this sand bar… so cool.


Late afternoon, low tide, and the winds were strong… loved how the boat get drifting around. z
Corea Harbor, located a few miles from Winter Harbor.


Old Pier remains at low tide on Schoodic Peninsula.


Granite rocks, I think, at low tide… love the colors and patterns.


Schoodic Peninsula.


Another view along Sand Beach at low tide.


Schoodic Head Trail.


Schood Head Trail.


These little guys are everywhere….

Parting shot from Schoodic Peninsula.

10 thoughts on “Artist-in-Residence, Acadia National Park — Part 1

  1. Hi Danielle, What a great opportunity you are having…am so jealous..the images are so great…especially loved those granite rocks at low tide…all are super…continued success and have a wonderful time…

    • Danielle,
      You have really found your voice (photographically). Love Acaida, and what you have found there to bring to us in your own style. Carry on!

  2. Well Danielle, I see you are up to your old tricks … creating stunning images!

    My favs are the little snail (great backdrop) and the second – you are doing nice work with the long exposures.

    Keep up the great work and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

    Jim Hughes

  3. Wonderfully striking and remarkable work! You are a true professional! Enjoy your stay…can’t wait to hear all about it!
    Lori M.

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