Artist-in-Residence, Acadia National Park — Part 2

Back Home!

Have returned back to New Jersey after a wonderful month in Acadia. But as usual with my residencies, a month never seems enough time to truly capture these magnificent locations… but hopefully I caught a glimmer. During my month stay… I learned a lot about the tides (as I had to return to several locations to get the right time)… I have never been in a location that completely dark (especially when the power goes out)… there a these tiny little red squirrels running around making a lot of noise… there are millions of snails everywhere…  Lobstermen lose a lot of traps and bleach bottles that end up all along the shorelines… certain rocks are extremely slippery when wet (ouch!)…  but the rocks and granite were absolutely beautiful and created amazing designs… and I never knew what to expect as each day was a new exploration… the light, the wind, the water… continuously changing… hard to keep up with, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

There is a combo of landscapes and of course the abstracts I love discovering in nature.  Am I done with tweaking these images (or even done editing more)?…  No Way…. but there is a point where you have to walk away… then return with fresh eyes… but it was time to share with you all some of the photographs I created in the last two weeks of my stay. Enjoy!

You can see the larger and more complete collection directly on my website:


Anvil – Felt like I was in Fairy Land


Marsh – Drove by this everyday just waiting for the right time.

Cove, Sullivan Harbor

Cove, Sullivan Harbor – Also drove by this every time I headed to MDI, again waiting for the magic time.

Waves rolling over the rocks on Schoodic Peninsula.

Color Version... The rock and most of the seaweed is underwater.

Color Version… The rock and most of the seaweed is underwater.

Black and White version... more abstract.

Black and White version… more abstract.

Loved the light shimmering as it moved across the water.

Loved the light shimmering as it moved across the water.

Seaweed surrounding the granite and rocks along Schoodic Peninsula at low tide.

Loved that even the seaweed was different.

Different shades of seaweed.

Loved this stuff that was everywhere... don't know yet what it is... looking into it.

This stuff was everywhere… don’t know yet what it is, moss of some kind I think… but it looks like coral up close.


What time and the elements will create… Schoodic Point.

Sun setting at Schoodic Peninsula.

Fascinated by the waves crashing over the edge of the rocks at Schoodic Point.

A few days of freezing weather formed ice along New Duck Brook on MDI.

Ravens Cove on Schoodic Peninsula, view of MDI. A little scary standing on the edge as it drops off on either side.

Ravens Cove on Schoodic Peninsula, view of MDI. A little scary standing on the edge as it drops off on either side.


Waves moving along the rocks on Schoodic Point.

The granite, again, just amazing the patterns it created.

View from top of Cadillac Mountain on MDI. The sea and clouds almost merging that day… the color and the patterns.

Storming weather at Schooner Head Observation Point on MDI.

Last days of fall color on the bushes found on Schoodic Peninsula.

Abandoned lobster cages found at low tide along East Pond on Schoodic Point.

Lobster boat in a cove during stormy weather on Schoodic Peninsula.


4 thoughts on “Artist-in-Residence, Acadia National Park — Part 2

  1. Danielle, you have a unique vision and the talent to translate what you see in nature into stunning images. I love your work. Bud Skok

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