AIR, Acadia National Park — One More Shot!

Oops, I Forgot One!

And for me, it’s a big one. I wanted to share one of my very favorite photographs that I created while during my artist residency at Acadia National Park this fall. My apologies, I really thought I had already posted it with the first my posting… but realized I had photographed it the day after I had made that post.

What I love about this image is the abstraction that’s created… an almost 3D effect. This was created on Bubble Pond…. one of the very popular and well photographed locations in the park. I had been wanting to go by and see what I could get… that was different. Most of the images seen at this location are the overall landscape view… mountains, water and the boulders in the foreground… (*Google images and you will see). During my time in Acadia, the parking lot to Bubble Pond was closed off as it was being renovated and there was no parking anywhere nearby to access the site. But on one Saturday morning as I drove by, someone had taken part of the construction fence down… so I pulled in… not planning on staying too long, since I don’t think I was supposed to be parked in there. The light was not great to shoot the whole scene… but that is when I started looking around and noticed the clouds reflecting along the shallow waters edge.

I realize that this image could of been captured at any pond or lake… nothing here really screams, “Hey, that’s Bubble Pond!”… but as any photographer knows, timing is sometimes everything when capturing that one moment. This was a 30 second exposure… the water was still, no wind, but the clouds were moving quite fast. But this moment didn’t last long… I was only able to get 6 frames, then the sun shifted and within minutes the clouds were clearing and the wind picked up. But when you put in all these elements together into the composition below… I would have to say no, I really don’t believe I would of been able to capture this anywhere else.

I am sure glad I decided to pull into the lot that day… very happy with the results.
*By the way, by the time I left, 9 other cars that must of seen me parked there also decided to pass the construction fence and park. Oops.