On March 1st I presented my first solo exhibit, “PORTRAITS OF THE GLADES,” at the Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center, the Everglades National Park in Florida. Unlike most galleries that have 4 white walls to easily hang one’s photographs, this gallery was a unique space. With 5 fabric walls filled with closets, AV doors, fire alarms, thermostats, and large windows, one needed to be creative to use the space to its best ability.  So, I designed my show into the space.

The advantage of being a photographer, a digital one at that, is when choosing each photograph I could to decide how it would placed, and at what size. Since I was designing the space remotely from New Jersey and trying to be cost efficient and as eco friendly as possible, I printed the majority of the images on 100% cotton acid free paper.  I also printed a few images on Satin to take advantage of the large windows and to cover some of the doors. To give the overall presentation a natural and raw look, no mats or frames were used.  I gave each image the same size border and hung them with small vintage distressed clothespins and hemp twine.

I designed this to be visually appealing, and to inform and educate the public about the everglades. This gave me an opportunity to add some extras to the show. Captions included factual information on each subject matter. (That would be the journalist in me). I included a collage of wildlife commonly seen in glades printed on satin with an identification card… a poem written specifically for my work printed on satin…. a quote by President Truman describing the Everglades at its dedication… a copy of a 1956 Sports Illustrated with the cover story on the Everglades bird life…. and an 1823 Florida map covered with vintage Everglades postcards displayed in a reclaimed cypress wood frame.

The Everglades is a vital, unique and endangered ecosystem.  Its survival is completely controlled by the flow of water. As one views the exhibit I wanted to create a slightly haunted but serene feeling.  My goal was to utilize the space effectively and to create an unforgettable experience for the visitor.

YouTube Video: Combination of video clips, stills from the gallery and the photographs themselves on display.
(*And when I say walk, that is exactly what I did while shooting the video clips…

so there is a lot shaking going on…it’s part of the experience…)


Moab Papers: Natural Rag Entrada 300 —
Promotional Materials on Recycled Paper —
Guest Book: Lotka Handmade Paper —
Reclaimed Wood with Personal Quote Sign —
Reclaimed Wooded Boxes —

Vintage Distressed Clothespins —
Reclaimed Cypress Driftwood Frame —
Personalized Eco Unpainted Cedar Wood Pencils —

*Special Thanks to Jim LaSala and Jim Roselli of Xact Studios —


  1. I’m amazed at how you utilized the structure of the building to enhance your photographs. I like the natural daylight coming in and how it appears the viewer is looking out the window at a natural scene. Looks great.

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