Two Worlds – Rocky Mountain National Park

Nymph Lake

I began this experiment during my artist residency at the Rocky Mountain National park as a new approach to explore the boundless facets of water.  This opportunity allows the viewer to see the divide of what lies beneath the water’s surface, what is seen above and what is visually created in-between.  The clear fresh water that flows through the mountain ranges that make up the Rocky Mountains from precipitation and snowfall and its dramatic scenery was essential to this project.

I am excited about the results…learned a lot and look forward to see where this project goes!

The challenges…
• Finding interesting underwater scenes along with scenes above the water line.
• Playing with the zoom lens, 16-35mm f/2.8… Zoom in or using a wide-angle and the result would show the exterior filter…which I liked…gives a feeling of looking through a porthole.
• Getting the camera straight in the water, even though it was on tripod, dealing with rocks and sand. Though the slanted angle works on a couple of the images.
• The movement of the water to the position of the camera and the angle of the camera lens displays the water line very differently from image to image.

• Water spots….frustrating to clean off and never quite successful with removal…
• The need for larger and better quality Gradient ND Filters…
• Weather…sunny for more clarity, cloudy for more underwater reflections…
• Technical issues using a Cam Ranger, great to use as long as it  worked…
•• And I had to get in the water, so the feet got soaked and it was cold!!!

Bear Lake


Beaver Ponds

The Big Thompson River

Sprague Lake

Dream Lake

The Big Thompson River

Bear Lake

The Big Thompson River

Between Emerald and Dream LakeTyndall Creek between Emerald and Dream Lake

Sprague Lake

The Big Thompson River

Beaver PondBeaver Ponds

Two Worlds – Rocky Mountain National Park

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