Photography in Covid

When the Covid-19 Pandemic developed in the spring, all national, state and local parks shut down. Not good when you are a nature photographer. I needed to find new resources to create. Local nature preserves became my new pallet and a new body of work emerged. In this continuing series, “Reverberacion”, old French term meaning reflection of light, I see my images much like paintings. The shutter speed creates the strokes, light gives depth, the environment gives color, and the subject gives form. Longer exposures express motion while macro-lens technology allows very close and shallow focus. The effect seen in the images is created all in camera, but with the added use of post-processing to help accentuate the textures and colors already existing, thus generating a mystical and ethereal result.

Presently five of these images are on display as part of a group show at the Alfa Art Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ.

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